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What war does to people and nations. 'Cost' is much more than a monetary valuation. War really costs most of us our Humanity!

Friday, May 19, 2006
On this day:

What the Pentagon Video SHOULD have Shown!

It seems to me and probably and person who has their wits about them that if there actually were ANY evidence that a Boeing 757 had really hit the Pentagon it would most certainly have been released by now.

But, NO, all we got was the same re-hashed totally useless junk video which proved nothing whatsoever as to the actual identity of that which impacted the Pentagon.

If they really had something to show is it might be something like the following, which I found at Signs of the Times:

"Thanks to our friends at Onnouscachetout, we can finally present you with the video the Pentagon should have released... if a Boeing 757 had really hit the Pentagon."

A 757 hitting the Pentagon


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