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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
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Who is "The Enemy"?

All the hype in the 'news' notwithstanding, if one takes a sritical and objective look at what is actually happening, and not what is being said by the 'government', it can be seen that the 'enemy' is not actually who it is maintained it is.

A recent article posted at Signs of the Times spells this out very well.

Here is the article I mention:

Scandals: Six 'conspiratorial' and six not
By Mary Maxwell, Ph.D.
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Dec 28, 2005

Six of the scandals about the US government that are currently making the rounds of the Internet are simply breathtaking. No one has ever heard of a democratic government being so bold in harming its own people, and thus there is an automatic reluctance (or refusal) to accept these.

Here's a list of horrible things that 'they' are doing to us:

1. They damage the environment, virtually for the fun of it, by causing earthquakes, hurricanes, and forest fires.

2. They instill fear and panic by actually carrying out a terrorist incident, such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 attacks.

3. They kill off potential leaders such as Sen. Paul Wellstone who died in a plane crash (Note: bumping someone off used to mean shooting them or arranging a car accident, nowadays it can include giving them cancer, heart attack, or infections).

4. They deliberately destabilize society, both by planting drugs among young people and by imprisoning millions, which breaks up families.

5. They outright attack us with biological or chemical weapons for example, it is said that about 50 percent of the American soldiers who went to the Gulf in 1991 are very ill from an intentionally harmful vaccination that was supposedly to protect them against anthrax.

6. They disrupt normal communication and thought via a barrage of lies, hoaxes, and disinformation.

Signs Comment:

As Mary sez "If it is perfectly believable to envision a group harming its enemy, do we Americans today need to merely relabel the people of the United States as an enemy in the eyes of their government? Would that solve the problem of the unbelievability of the six conspiratorial scandals? Indeed it would."

Amen, sister!

For the full article click HERE or go to Signs of the Times and 'expand' the very first article to read it..


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