Real Cost of War

What war does to people and nations. 'Cost' is much more than a monetary valuation. War really costs most of us our Humanity!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
On this day:

John F. Kennedy - Our Last Great Hope Shattered

Although President Kennedy was of a rich family he understood that the way the American social organization was constituted was unsustainable in the long-term.  He was one who read and thought quite a bit more than most other presidents and who had a vision of an America which would be rather different than the form the wealthy aristocrats who had been running the country had planned for all of us.

This made him VERY dangerous to those who had been running things, as John was planning to actually do something to empower and alleviate the sufferings of the common man.  This, of course, was in direct opposition to those who seek to amass all the wealth and power to themselves, and as usual they would see it as necessary to thwart such ambitions with every means at their disposal.

It is not certain to me whether John really knew the extent of the danger he was in.  There is no game which has stakes any higher than that of Power.  Those who seek it in it's ultimate forms recognize no Law, Higher Authority or any other limiting factors in what it is which is allowable for them to do in order to accomplish their aims.

It is plainly obvious that since his assassination things have quickly and radically changed for the common man.  There is no single facet of our existence which has not gone toward the 'worse' since that event.

Laura Knight Jadczyk has put together a series describing well the climate which existed before and during the assassination and which puts what occurred into a context which explains in a manner I have not seen before just why and how this all happened.

The first post in the series on John F. Kennedy is entitled "The Debris
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After reading all the above I had a totally different view of what really happened that day!