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Thursday, May 26, 2005
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Depleted Uranium Victims...

This is not just some 'mistake' that was made by those in power who authorized the use of this 'Weapon of Mass Destruction', but a calculated, ruthless and totally uncaring decision to use these weapons becasue they DO cause massive casualties, both with their initial effect and the delayed effects of the radiation.

It would certainly be 'bad enough' to use these weapons on enemy troop formations, but they are actually being used in civilian neighborhoods in a completely indiscriminate way. They are not only affecting the local populations, but our own service men and women - and their families and offspring! This would in itself be a horrific result if this were a war which had to be fought to save ourselves from a ruthless nation which was attacking us 'for real' and we had not choice but to fight for our lives. The reverse is actually true in that there was no real reason for this war in Iraq as the 'Downing Street Memo' clearly indicates.

This article lays it out plain as day:

From 'Duty, Honor, Country' To Depleted Uranium Cancer

An Open Letter To Every American Serviceman
By Douglas Westerman

Dear U.S. Soldier:

Did you know that:

* You've helped deposit over 1 million lbs. Of Depleted Uranium (DU) dust in Iraq?

* You're told to stay away from DU as it could cause cancer?

* Numerous families in Iraq have multiple cancer victims?

* Many of these individuals have multiple cancers, a very rare occurrence in Iraq prior to the use of DU weapons?

* Hideous birth defects, once virtually unknown in Iraq are now commonplace?

* 600 children per day were being treated for radiation sickness at one hospital in 2003?

* Many of these kids will get cancer, leukemia, and die within the next 5-10 years?

* Former Army Colonel & expert in nuclear medicine, Dr. Asaf Duracovic says the V.A. told him to lie about the effects of DU?

* Dr. Durakcovic also says we have "committed war crimes by using weapons that kill indiscriminately, which are banned under international law."

* The Uranium Medical Research Centre says we have "poisoned a significant portion of the civilian population" in many areas of Afghanistan?

* In one returning unit, 40%, or eight out of twenty U.S. soldiers have cancer?

* In one 100 clean-up crew, 30 were dead within 10 years, with many others being sick, although the crew leader said, "We were all really healthy before going over."

* An Italian Newspaper reported 109 deaths among its troops from DU, saying this figure "exceeded deaths from all other causes?"

* The civilian population of Iraq is at a much greater risk than the Italian soldiers?

* The children of Iraq are at a greater risk than the adults?

* An international court of justice found your Commander-in-Chief guilty of war crimes?

* This Court's legitimacy had been ratified by every major Western Democracy?

* In one group of returning U.S. Soldiers, 67% fathered children with severe birth defects, even though all had fathered healthy children?

* The U.S. D.O.D. has a small army of spokespeople to convince you and the American Public that the above information is not true?

* You can verify the truth of the above information in a few hours with a good Internet Search Engine?

When a child is born in Iraq, the question is no longer "Is it a boy or a girl?" but rather, "Doctor, is the child normal?"

Douglas Westerman

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