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Saturday, December 02, 2006
On this day:

Shoutwire taken over by hate-mongers and liars

Here is an article which explains it all:

Signs Editorial:Shoutwire, Spankwire And The ADL
Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times

Readers of this web site will probably have noticed the recent additions of Shoutwire advertisements at the top and bottom of the Signs page. The background to this is that, several months ago, a number of readers of the Signs of the Times (SOTT) page began to submit to the Shoutwire website Signs of the Times editorials that they thought deserved to be more widely distributed.

As time passed, SOTT editors also began to submit editorials to Shoutwire. This process of submitting articles is, after all, supposed to be the whole point of the Shoutwire web site where anyone can sign up and submit articles or editorials that they enjoyed and which other members can then vote for and comment on.

More often than not, SOTT editorials received a lot of "Shouts" propelling them on to the "top stories" list and therefore under the noses of many Shoutwire's readers and members. Within a short period of time however, it became clear that the usual SOTT detractors had spotted the growing popularity of SOTT editorials and, rather than see it as a genuine reflection of the quality of our writing, they began to attack every SOTT submission to Shoutwire by posting petulant, juvenile, and even defamatory comments in the comments section under each editorial. The fact that these few individuals (many of whom were probably the same person signed up under different names with different IP addresses) had a personal problem with Signs of the Times rather than the content of our editorials became clear when they resorted to attacking editorials from mainstream news sites like the UK Guardian simply because it was a SOTT editor that submitted it!

Knowing well who these individuals are, we took it all in our stride and often found it quite bizarre and even funny how the simple posting of a Signs of the Times editorial would provoke a venomous attack by these individuals on the Shoutwire web site. Eventually, it seems that the fact that SOTT editorials were regularly reaching the "top stories" section brought the attention of the editors of ShoutWire, one of whom (by the name of "Bulshoy") wrote to us and accused us of somehow abusing the terms of the Shoutwire web site. After a little explanation it became obvious to all concerned that the accusation was unfounded, and there the matter should have ended. However, it seems that the editors of Shoutwire had a somewhat different reason for contacting us, because "bulshoy" then suggested that maybe Shoutwire and Signs of the Times could "collaborate" together. The "deal" was that Shoutwire would not delete SOTT editorials and ban SOTT from posting if we would host Shoutwire advertisements on the SOTT page. It was further agreed that defamatory comments directed at SOTT would be deleted from ShoutWire. What seems clear now is that this was a subtle threat, that unless we posted the Shout wire advertisements on our site, we should assume that the agreement to not interfere with SOTT editorials on Shout wire would not be honored by the Shoutwire editorial staff.

In the end, we decided that if the price that SOTT had to pay to simply be granted the same rights that are granted to any other ShoutWire member was to have a couple of advertisements on our SOTT page, then we were willing to do so.

It was clear, almost immediately that "Bulshoy" was either not keeping his part of the agreement, or that he did not really have the authority to make such an agreement. Within a very short time, "bulshoy" was observed joining in with SOTT detractors when they would post their hate-filled rants on the Shoutwire comments below every Signs of the time editorial that was submitted with no reference whatsoever to the content of the article itself..

Then, on 30th November, a Shoutwire editor by the name of "Virellek" posted a "hit piece" about SOTT and one of its editors, Laura Knight-Jadczyk. The fact that this Shoutwire editorial was penned by one of the Shout wire "staff" meant that it was automatically given 'top line' position on the Shout Wire website, thereby ensuring that as many Shout wire readers as possible would see it. The content of the editorial appeared to have been taken, almost verbatim, from the tired old spittle-flecked rants of a known con man and new age grifter who has apparently made it his life's work to try to attack and defame SOTT and Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Go figure. Evidence for this is seen in the fact that the main accusation used in the Shoutwire staff editorial was that SOTT is a "cult".

At the time of writing, the editorial in question has received about 100 votes or "shouts" and up to 200 comments, many of which are by "Virellek", the author of the editorial. Virellek has stated that everything written in his ad hominem attack on Laura Knight-Jadczyk and the SOTT website, its editors and staff is "his opinion and only his opinion" and that "ShoutWire and its staff have had nothing to do with its writing." He added that "if you have a problem with my article, take it up with me." What is clear however is that if an editorial is billed on Shoutwire as a "Shoutwire editorial" then the author is also a member of Shoutwire staff or closely associated with them.

It would be nice, therefore, if someone could explain to me how the editor or staffer of a web site that reproduces news and opinion editorials can himself write an editorial that, in a spurious and unprovoked manner, attacks another website and is artificially propelled to the top of the listings on his website, while at the same time claim that what he has written has nothing to do with the website itself!

As already stated, the content of the Shoutwire editorial was taken from the work of a known con man who indulges in "black magick" and contacting "Ophanic intelligences." This particular individual has created entire web sites for the sole purpose of attempting to demonise the SOTT website and Laura Knight-Jadczyk as a "cult". In the comments section under the Shout wire "hit piece" on SOTT, it was pointed out to the shoutwire author of the editorial "Virellek" that the use of the word "cult" to defame and slander is a tactic of several Zionist organizations like the ADL. This fact has been exposed by respectable authors such as Israel Shamir:

The pre-9/11 essay proves that the regime of Patriot Act did not land out of blue, but was carefully prepared by ADL and its satellites, the 'anti-hate' organisations. There is a direct link from Waco mass murder to Falluja, from spying on anti-Zionists to spying on everybody, from watchdogs of 1990s to Patriot Act of 2000s; and this is ADL that is behind the link. [...]

As political researcher Laird Wilcox remarks, "There is an anti-racism industry entrenched in the United States that has attracted bullying, moralizing fanatics, whose identity and livelihood depend upon growth and expansion of their particular kind of victimization.'" [...]

As we shall soon see, one needn't stockpile weapons or espouse reactionary beliefs to fall under the watchful eye of these formidable private surveillance networks. Indeed, imputing racist motives to alleged enemies of the State has become a notorious tactic among prominent watchdog groups such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and other purveyors of fear.

As we continue to read, we discover that the favorite epithet of these Cultural Terrorists is "CULT".

According to a report from the Committee for Waco Justice, the ADL worked in concert with federal officials by providing "precise documentation" on the Davidian "cult" and "how it operated in the past." Although we can only speculate as to the nature of this intelligence, the inherent brutality of the initial raid conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and the subsequent tank assault which led to the tragic death of over six-dozen members of a multiracial spiritual community suggest that this questionable information was of an inflammatory nature.

Readers will understand then that we began to wonder just who this "Virellek" was, what is his relationship to Shoutwire and its owners and why he had launched a vicious, libelous and unwarranted attack on a web site that had actually been very gracious in collaborating with the editors and owners of Shoutwire by hosting Shoutwire advertising banners on our website. It wasn't long before we were provided with a clue by Virellek himself. In attempting to defend against Shoutwire members who had commented on his article and expressed their dismay at his attack he stated:

"there is little evidence to support any idea that I'm affiliated with a cult. Why? Because it's simply not true."

The fact remains however that the owner of Shoutwire had sanctioned an unprovoked attack on SOTT that was very much in the style of the biggest and most damaging Cult of them all - the Zionist ADL.

Virellek then came right out and stated that content on Shoutwire is effectively censored by stating "we simply moderate certain content", to which a Shoutwire member responded:

"Congratulations! From now on, you are part of the "mainstream media"...

All that blabber about "user based content" was obviously too good to be true.."

It is also of interest that the Shout wire attack on SOTT came one day after we had published a rather damning indictment of Zionism where we exposed it for the Apartheid state that it is. Could this be the real motivation for the Shoutwire attack on SOTT? It seems quite probable given what Virellek then stated:

"I can't stay awake forever. So I'll take my 8 hour leave as of now. We [Shout Wire and SOTT] may hate each others politics and beliefs, but I never say goodnight on a sour note."

First of all it appears that Virellek's work at Shoutwire takes up all of his waking hours, i.e. he is an employee. His comment is also interesting because there is no way that we could possibly have known anything about the political leanings of the owner of Shoutwire or anyone who claims to speak for Shoutwire in general, yet the political beliefs of SOTT are anything but obscure. If owner and editors of Shoutwire "hate" the political stance of SOTT then it is safe to say that what is "hated" is the fact that, more than anything we are anti-Zionist, which of course ties in very well with Virellek's use of ADL defamation-type tactics.

About six days ago the above-mentioned shoutwire editor, "bulshoy" wrote an editorial that appeared on Shoutwire:

Writing For An Online Audience: The Guide

Point three was:

"3. Polarize Your Readers

If you're a comment whore, writing a polarizing piece is a great way to rack up hundreds of comments. It's as simple as choosing a topic that roughly half of your audience will agree with. This way, a battle will start in the comments. It's the pros versus the cons.

This technique, when used in conjunction with the others that I have listed, will get your work noticed."

From this we understand that Shoutwire isn't really as advertised: "Internet News for the Masses." No, it's about propaganda, polarizing the audience, and getting "your work noticed."

And what work is that?

Well, as Virellek has revealed: "Politics. They hate SOTT's politics."

And so, since they cannot argue the issues, they resort instead to the oldest method in the book: defamation.

Recently, product advertisements have appeared on the main page of Shoutwire, which suggests that the main aim of Shoutwire is to make money, which of course is dependent on Shoutwire generating as much traffic as possible. Did Shoutwire's editors believe that by slandering the SOTT web site that they could increase their traffic and therefore their revenue?

The question that we really need to answer here is: who owns Shoutwire and what is their agenda?

A 'Whois' domain name search on reveals:

Wesley Parker
3296 Red Pine Rd.
Yorba Linda, California 92886
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 30-Mar-05
Expires on: 30-Mar-07
Last Updated on: 01-Sep-05

Administrative Contact:
Parker, Wesley
3296 Red Pine Rd.
Yorba Linda, California 92886
United States
7148654968 Fax --

Technical Contact:
Parker, Wesley
3296 Red Pine Rd.
Yorba Linda, California 92886
United States
7148654968 Fax --

Domain servers in listed order:

Note that the domain servers are "" and that the registrant of, Wesley Parker, can be contacted at "". This suggests that Wesley Parker is also the owner of "".

Indeed, a whois search on reveals:

Zerobit Studios, LLC
PO Box 2700
Mesquite, CA 89024

Domain name: LOSTFROG.COM

Administrative Contact:
Parker, Wes
PO Box 2700
Mesquite, CA 89024
Technical Contact:
Parker, Wes
PO Box 2700
Mesquite, CA 89024

Again we see Wesley parker as the contact name.

There are 22 other domain entries (or web sites) hosted on the server owned by Wesley Parker owner of

Among the sites listed on Parker's server we find "" which, as you may already have guessed, is a hardcore porn website, (self-explanatory) and a number of other "trash download" sites. Several of the web sites listed on the server are also owned by Wesley Parker, although the registrant details for the hard core porn site 'spankwire' are conveniently hidden behind a proxy. I assume that the similarity between the web site names "spankwire" and "shoutwire" does not need to be emphasised, although I feel I have to say:


With all of this data in hand, we are reminded of another internet site that also appears to be little more than a vacuum-cleaner operation with links to unsavory organisations - See our forum thread for the details about abovetopsecret being exposed as a Neocon-Zionist psy-op.

Signs of the Times is a news website that, more than any other news website that we know of, is totally committed to bringing the True Objective news to its readers. Any of our readers, current or past, short or long term, will testify to that fact.

But what is Shoutwire? What is Shoutwire all about? Is it:

A money making scheme?

Censored News for the masses? (as stated by its editors)

Part of a budding Porn Empire?

A complete Waste of Space?

Or is it all of the above and, as such, possibly just another Israel lobby or CIA-funded vacuum cleaner operation that tried to attack SOTT, chiefly because Signs of the Times is determined to expose the Truth about Zionism, its infestation of America and its plan to kick-start a third world war from which few will survive?

You decide.


At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Bulshoy said...

Hahaha I've read this dozens of times on many different SOTT mouthpiece sites, and I laugh out loud every time.

I especially love that you assume Virellek is a member of some sort of Zionist propaganda organisation. Funny indeed.

Keep pulling conspiracies out of your ass, SOTT.


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